Kind words never hurt

Throughout the years of travelling the world studying the hospitality industry one constant always came to light, owners of most cafes, coffee houses, service companies and roasters, etc do their very best to provide something special to attract customers with the goal of making a secure income, thereby providing for their family and indeed their staff.

In today’s world of instant reviews, it is now a common theme for many to post negative and often unwarranted bad comments. Obviously, some feel they are qualified to do so but for the most part most do not truly understand the possible circumstances that may contribute to their grievances, take for example staff shortages due to covid, the flu, etc that may lead to slow service.

For those who read my articles I thank you and ultimately so do the businesses I write about. The common theme always is positive, hopefully giving you the reader an idea of the owner’s journey and the service or product their business may offer which hopefully may give reason to visit them yourself.

If one is able to write a possible positive review after visiting a venue it may go a long way in putting a smile on an owner’s face and in a small way justify the sacrifices, hard work and associated stress that they deal with on a daily basis.

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