Success breeds success.

Thankfully the community in and around Como and South Perth have a wonderful café to satisfy both their taste buds and if French pastries are on anyone’s bucket list, then Fiend Merchants is a name to remember.

The owner of this wonderful little café is Reuben Thomas who has an amazing, gentle, and humble persona that even his eleven strong list of staff member have embraced as their own. Combine this with a strong work ethic and a desire to bring satisfaction to all customers it is little wonder this business is one to visit.

The popularity of Fiend has not occurred by chance as Reuben has not only a Master of Business Degree, spent time studying theology so humility and ethics is ingrained in his persona but probably the clincher is that his wife Marie is French which dictates that he must strive every day to deliver the most perfect French pastries and meals… otherwise he may be sleeping in the spare room.

Add quality coffee supplied by Toby’s Estate, it is little wonder customers the young and old, tradies business groups, cyclists, families etc are attracted to this cosy establishment. Soon an additional bistro café will be established next door allowing Reuben to change things up and offer an enhanced sit-down menu, amazing meals to go and provision for wholesale accounts for his wide range of French pastries.

When one enters Fiend Merchants a huge selection of drinks is on display including a range of mouth-watering food that would tempt even those on strict diets and check out the walls which are strewn with messages invoking positive thoughts and ideas. 

Fiend Merchant Café is located at 22 Preston St, Como WA 6152… 7 days 6am-4pm

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