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"I am passionate about your success"

Mark Norman Author Of Owning A Cafe Or Coffee Shop

My name is Mark Norman, author of the book ‘Owning a Café or Coffee Shop’.

The circumstances that led me to put pen to paper was not a spur of the moment decision. Back in the day, as young aspiring entrepreneur I looked at various opportunities to further my wealth. What intrigued and surprised me the most as a result of those endeavours was the revelation that ‘coffee’ was the world’s second most traded commodity behind that of oil. What followed was a burning hunger to take advantage of this new-found knowledge.

The desire for success all those years ago has now allowed me to share the complexities of the hospitality industry, particularly that of owning of a café or coffee shop with you all.

In fact, for more than 30 years my passion, albeit obsession, has been to research, study, observe and work in the hospitality industry, both nationally and internationally. This together with literally visiting thousands upon thousands of phenomenally diverse establishments has gifted me with an understanding on why many café or coffee shops succeed, while so many others fail.

Indeed, what I have intended to deliver to the reader is a book that quite frankly reveals the realities of the hospitality industry, what are its true requirements and what can be implemented to take ones business to the next level. ‘Owning a Café or Coffee Shop’ is packed full of thoughts and ideas and as each paragraph is read, it will only improve one’s knowledge of what can be an exciting industry to be involved in.

Now to get up close and personal. Who am I? I have been a farmer, a sportsman even a successful businessman who at one stage had the world at his feet. However to be honest, I also have experienced failure, where at one point in my life I was not only physically but mentally broken. Yet despite some dark periods, I thankfully have been gifted with an inner spirit to never give up regardless of what curve balls the world may throw up. My own journey in life has taught me that success both financially and personally can be achieved if one is willing to give it a go.

Finally, for you all to understand fully the person behind this book, I wish to share two things that above all others I value the most in life. Firstly, there is the gift of being a father to an amazing son and secondly there is the blessing I have had in having beautiful and loving parents and siblings.

Opening A Coffee Shop Guide

By reading my book, I sincerely hope it can open doors leading one on a path to long and lasting success, therefore bypassing the many pitfalls that so many involved in the industry unfortunately succumb too.

I wish you all sincere luck and I thank you for affording me some of your precious time, cheers Mark.