How To Open A Coffee Shop

The definitive guide to putting you on the right path to successfully opening your very own cafe or coffee shop.

Secrets To A Successful Cafe Guide

Start your journey off with the secrets of successful cafés.

New cafés are opening everyday, and they're also closing just as fast. With this guide, you will be able to start your coffee shop in the confidence that you have the knowledge and ability to avoid the most costly mistakes and give yourself the best chance for success.

A comprehensive study of bustling coffee shops all around the world.

With over 20 years of research at coffee shops near and abroad, this guide is the fastest way to learn about the most important steps when starting your own journey in the coffee industry.

Busy Coffee Shop

Avoid the mistakes of new cafe owners.

This is your chance to avoid all the pitfalls and traps of opening a new café.

Learn all of the lessons learnt from hundreds of successful international cafés and get on track to running an exciting, profitable coffee shop now.

"Mark Norman has produced what can only be described as the ideal manual for those involved in the hospitality industry, but he has accomplished much more. He has uniquely expressed a cautionary tale allowing the reader to understand the realities and complexities of the industry, but his crowning achievement is providing a pathway that allows owners to take that next step towards achieving financial success."
- Justin, leading Perth coffee roaster.