A vision coming to life

 If one owns a café or coffee shop it is not unusual that over time many will become complacent with their success, others may simply allow their business to stagnate giving the impression of a tired, worn-out operation.

 This certainly is not the case for Laura Fletcher the owner of Folk and Merchant, located in the northern suburbs of Perth. She is proving to be a rising star in the hospitality scene turning an almost non-descript forgotten site into a destination of choice for people of all ages and possessing an uncanny vision to constantly incorporate proactive changes to her business.

The quality of food an offer has exceeded all expectations satisfying the needs of hungry tradies and teenagers to those whose simple pleasures may include healthy alternatives such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free options. Their amazing coffee is supplied by the up-and-coming Kaltiva Coffee Roasters.

This venue has an almost surreal atmosphere having a wonderful vibe with staff constantly smiling giving a genuine impression that they love their job.

Seating inside is now complimented by a 100sqm private area outdoors providing an ideal area for mums and bubs or those with toddlers. Those in need of a hideaway in the suburbs need look no further for private functions with catering provided if required.

The hospitality industry could take a leaf out of Folk and Merchant. Despite adverse factors that have plagued the industry Laura has invigorated and expanded this business and above all she has endeavoured to offer old fashioned customer service that sadly is lacking in many establishments.

Folk and Merchant can be found at 4/243 Herbert St, Doubleview WA 6081 behind IGA, open 7days

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