Coffee royalty in Perth

Well almost! Enter Queen of Leeds, a specialised coffee shop in the heart of Leederville, WA.

I say specialised because owner Anisa Hirte proudly offers coffee supplied by her brother Nolan, the co-owner and founder of Proud Mary Coffee Roasters of Victoria, one of Australia’s leading and most respected coffee operations.

Coffee lovers of Perth are blessed in having the opportunity to enjoy Proud Mary’s coffee and to further enhance Queen of Leeds growing reputation coffee from local boutique roaster Loaded Coffee is also available. All beans can be purchased and even grounded if required for those wishing to enjoy the perfect coffee at home or in the office.

Since 2018 through the vision of Anisa, Queen of Leeds has built a reputation for not only providing a location where quality and ethically sourced coffee is on offer but importantly food influenced by old-fashioned home cooking is available to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.

Anisa has spent most of her life in hospitality and the ease in which this business puts a smile on a customer’s face is testament to not only her knowledge, dedication, hard work but the total commitment she has in making this establishment a genuine and welcoming community hub for all.

The creation of this cafe is truly a family affair where Anisa’s parents, Josie and Bob have been a great source for inspiration and advice. Add to this amazing, helpful, and professional staff and the result is a venue where customers can enjoy quality offerings in a fresh, simple, and comfortable environment.

Queen of Leeds is located at 114 Oxford St, Leederville WA 6007 Mon-Sat 7am-2pm

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