The perfect combination

To operate a successful café let alone have the confidence to blend the requirements needed of a bookshop within that operation is a tough ask. Thankfully one such business has indeed succeeded in achieving this monumental task, even reaching iconic status, known around Perth as the MillPoint Caffe Bookshop.

Thanks to owners Veronica Arancio and Fabio Colantoni they have bought to this business the tastes of Italy/Sicily and with it the fundamentals that venues in Europe embrace when it comes to wonderful service and quality offerings.

Add a bookshop that has an ardent manger in Carolyn Pettit herself a bookworm who somehow mangers to have five or six books on the go at any given time, it is little wonder her recommendations are valued by all who enter this establishment.

To be able to chill out in this historic building amongst a treasure trove of books is not only relaxing but it allows time out from the hustle and bustle of the real world. Like most bookshops one has an opportunity to purchase books of all descriptions including games, puzzles, cards, and an array of boxed activity options for children.

Up to 70 customers can be seated and if one hears the singing of Fabio, a former top line chef from Rome, one can be assured that his food is significantly better than that of his voice. Throw in authentic Italian Gnocchi and Risotto together with amazing paninis, rolls, pastries, cakes, etc and one can be assured of leaving fully satisfied.

Great coffee is supplied by Dante’s Coffee Roasters so when combined with books, food, drinks, together with its homely and warm ambience, Millpoint Caffe Bookshop it is certainly worth a visit.

Millpoint Caffe and Bookshop is located at 254 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151 Mon-Fri 7.30-3.30pm

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