Such a lovely café

Cafes come and go but Halo Espresso of South Perth is here for the long-term servicing the community with distinction all thanks to hard-working husband and wife team Elle and Roy whose take on hospitality is of the highest order.

Whether it’s the great coffee supplied by Locale Coffee Roasters or sensational, great tasting food created endearingly by their amazing chefs there are options galore to satisfy an abundance of tastes. With seating catering for up to 80 customers the sheer quality and variety on the menu will satisfy all ages.

For the health conscious the vegetarian eggs benedict should delight complementing numerous other healthy meal choices including cold pressed juices and nutritional smoothies. Their classy high teas are also worthy of a mention.

The ambience of this cafe offers a warm and comfortable environment with soft music matching the gentle and welcoming smiles that Halo Espresso’s staff project to all who enter. Soon Friday and Saturday nights will be given the green light allowing many more eager customers to enjoy the offerings of this amazing business.

In recent times the ability of Elle and Roy to bring joy to a new section of the community has taken a genuine step forward by purchasing of May St Larder in East Fremantle. Their mantra is to constantly create a home away from home, a gathering place where customers can come together to embrace an environment where not only one’s taste buds are satisfied but positive and warm feelings can be added to one’s mindset.

Halo Espresso is located at 82 Angelo St South Perth WA 6151 and May St Larder 23/155 Canning Hwy, East Fremantle, WA 6158

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