Never underestimate the drive of these girls

Introducing workaholic and business owners Lara Wolinski and her devout partner in life Kylie Douges. Lara is the hidden gem behind the hugely successful The Sparrows Nest Café and with Kylie they have created Boss Burgers Perth.

Their mantra is to provide first class customer service and consistency across the board with the quality of food and drinks they offer. When this is combined with an environment where happy and friendly interaction and communication between staff and customers is a given and levels of cleanliness is a priority then these two venues are worthy of a visit.

One has only to see their uniqueness of the menus to understand that a point of difference has been created when compared to with many of their competitors not to mention outstanding Coffee supplied by Yahava Coffee Roasters.

Lara’s beautiful soul many years ago was saddened by seeing the many homeless and down and out people striving to edge out an existence in the area. Enter the Suspended Coffee movement Lara introduced to Perth which has allowed so many to enjoy if only for a fleeting moment some small resemblance of normality.

Lara together with the amazing support of her mum Lorraine during the dark period of Covid also spread their love further by creating Sparrow’s home market supplying food essentials to needy homes in the area.

It is not often one talks about what owners do outside the offerings of their business, but it is the quiet humble people like Lara and Kylie that truly reflect how to show leadership in hospitality.

Sparrows Nest can be found at 1/912 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park WA 6100, and Boss Burgers Perth at 260 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park WA 6100

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