Always thinking on ways to improve.

That’s a motto deeply entrenched in the mindset of the owner of Bolt Coffee Roasters, Steve Lomax.

This progressive thinking giant of a man’s operation has grown from a small one man show and through his vision and determination it now includes a large funky café in Midland and a Bayswater roastery that also serves great coffee and nostalgic foods such as pies, sausage rolls, cakes, etc.

Simplistic in its ambience this facility not only offers customers an opportunity to enjoy Bolt Coffee’s amazing selection of roasted coffee, but it allows all customers to embrace and experience the workings of a fully-fledged roasting operation.

Steve air roasts his beans a method that brings out the natural flavours of the coffee. If one has a problem in finding Bolt Coffee’s warehouse, simply follow the aroma of freshly roasted beans that now freely flows from Monday to Friday throughout the surrounding area.

Seven blends and four single origins are available and if one is unsure of what their taste buds would enjoy the most, Steve’s amazing staff are ready to help in any way possible. One can even bring their own containers when purchasing coffee beans.

Home and office users also have a unique opportunity to interact with Bolt’s roasters allowing a greater appreciation as to the intricacies of the process which bring the delights of what great coffee can bring to one’s own palate.

Barista training is now available with the central goal to teach coffee making fundamentals or as Steve puts it, simply learn how to make a decent cup of coffee.

Bolt’s Coffee Roastery is located at Unit 5/13 James St Bayswater, WA 6053

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