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Sanitarium is a company that has been operating continuously near on 125 years in Australia earning the distinction of being a market leader in the field of health and wellbeing. Contributing to its success is the philosophy of forever evolving which in 2019 resulted in the creation of an offshoot company producing café only milk, named The Alternative Dairy Co.

Dairy free milk specifically formulated for the hospitality industry is The Alternative Dairy Co mantra a feat which has surpassed all expectations which includes a pricing structure that brings joy to café owners.

After pulling together some of the best scientists working within their research and development department The Alternative Dairy Co has now produced a range of milk that allows coffee to dominate the drink while at the same time giving a texture that is not only creamy but steams like that of dairy milk.

In WA, James Cockroft is now the face of this 100% animal free milk company. James brings to the table years of experience in hospitality highlighted by years as a leading coffee roaster so owners of cafes can with great confidence communicate with James when advice or help is required.

Nearly 90% of cafes throughout WA now offer The Alternative Dairy Co’s soy, almond, or oat milk, so it is little wonder that there is a genuine excitement in the air.

It must be noted that this company prides itself with building genuine, solid, and ongoing relationships with café owners and given times are still tough for many establishments, trust and respect forged with suppliers has never been more important.

For further info on The Alternative Dairy Co go to or ring James on 0490 940 610

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