Considered a legend, well almost.

Enter Justin Kenny owner and founder of Loaded Craft Coffee Roasters considered by many as the pre-eminent coffee roasting specialist in WA. Achieving this status is a result of a simple yet determined vision… Raise the bar so high that only one possible outcome is achieved, perfection in the roasted product.

Justin’s rise in achieving the many accolades from his peers has been built on a foundation of relentless hard work and an unequivocal conviction to produce roasted beans that have a wow! factor attached.

His success has not occurred overnight but when you combine his time of being a long-respected publican, then creating some of WA’s leading cafes such as Elixir Coffee Specialists and Velvet Espresso, the journey in becoming a genuine, respected yet humble leading boutique coffee roaster throughout Perth has now become a reality.

His high business principles have always invoked transparency and a desire to produce quality coffee which includes educating those who are unaware of the long journey green coffee beans take in reaching his roastery. Taking care of business along the entire chain from coffee farmers themselves often from third world countries to the cups of his customers is one of his greatest personal accomplishments. This approach has been aided in the supply chain by the highly respected Melbourne Coffee Merchants.

With the support of his wife Sarah who somehow found the time to have a bunch of kids, Loaded Coffee now has the distinction of supplying specialised or what other may call boutique blends and single origin beans to outlets and homes throughout WA. Loaded Craft Coffee Roasters can be found at Unit3/2 Lock St, Nedlands WA 6009 ph. 0408 119071

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