Today’s soapbox! Respect!

For many ignorant individuals there is an increasing need for them to invest in a dictionary to understand the meaning of the word respect.

In today’s world there are those who believe they have a right to be intimidating, overpowering, rude, etc. In hospitality unfortunately this is becoming an all-too-common occurrence.

Employees are often working their socks off to make ends meet and when confronted and spoken to with distain or disrespect by ignorant customers (the use of a profanity would be best suited here) who have a perceived sense of entitlement, they must be called out.

Staff are often quiet, gentle even shy and for some tosser to blatantly invade their personal space and mind by hurling abuse or insults this is simply not on. Owners must always have their employee’s back and ask these less desirables to calm down, leave or in the very least apologise.

Staff should also be respected by owners. While it is understandable that the pressures to run a successful business is immense, treating one’s own staff with words or actions that can also cause stress, embarrassment, feelings of worthlessness or contribute to a lowering of one’s self-esteem this also is not appropriate.

To be involved in the hospitality business can be rewarding, exciting and an ideal forum to bring pleasure to so many lives. If groups or individuals wish to negate that experience, they should be asked to move on and be replaced by those who are more respectful and deserving. After all everyone should have the right to be happy.

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