Claremont’s best kept secret

Residents in and around the western suburbs of Perth are in many respects blessed for if the perfect coffee is on their agenda, they need not look further than Nu Noir Coffee Boutique.

The quality of coffee produced by this business leaves most others in their wake. Not surprising considering Alessandro Carciotto and Ramon Casas Franco, two of WA’s most respected coffee aficionadas are the forces that have combined to bring this operation to fruition. Throw in Hanna Goetschin one of Perth’s most up and coming female coffee specialists and bingo, this establishment is worthy of a visit.

Set in the Empire Homewares showrooms a comfortable and spacious area allows one to sit back and enjoy not only light snacks but coffee that is truly at another level. So much so that the baristas will rather throw a coffee down the sink if they sense for a second that it may not be up to their high standards.

To understand what constitutes the perfect cup of coffee others would be in awe of what these guys are producing. Sure, there are great coffee shops offering lovely coffee, but Nu Noir endeavours to truly showcase what can be achieved if all processes from a quality coffee bean to cup is not only technically correct but perfect in every way.

This aspect has proven such a success that a new boutique café ‘2 Keys Coffee,’ is soon to open in Mt Hawthorn. Here coffees will be introduced that many other cafes simply will not be able to offer. Espresso and milk-based coffee extracted from beans with scores of 90+ and valued up to $1000 a kg will be available.

Nu Noir Coffee Boutique can be found 3/11 Leura Ave Claremont WA 6010 Mon-Sat 6.30am-3pm

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