You are never too big to learn something new in hospitality

Time after time the considered opinion of many observers on seeing a buzzling, successful café or coffee shop is that its owner must have the magic touch. Truth be known, reaching the pinnacle in the hospitality industry is rarely the result of simply being lucky, often any success has resulted from hours, weeks, months, or even years of sheer hard work.

Sadly, many owners and their managers who have indeed reached great heights believe with a high degree of arrogance that for them to learn new or innovative ideas or concepts is unwarranted. Sure, their success is to be admired but as soon as complacency or as is often the case a blatant disregard in awareness as to changes occurring in an ever-evolving industry, the start of a slow, downhill trajectory in sales and the inevitable loss of loyalty from customers will be the ultimate outcome.

It is fundamental that operators must never rest on their laurels. The number of times owners or managers refuse to improve and expand their knowledge and be attuned to possible changes in tastes, preferences, expectations, etc within the industry is simply staggering.

Businesses within the hospitality scene, whether cafés or coffee shops, roasters, equipment suppliers, etc will find their success slowly eroded if one is not prepared to make customers satisfied, happy, and content on an ongoing basis. In other words, there will always be another business ready to take the place of those not prepared to honour and deliver constantly on a customer’s wants and needs.

A major reason for writing the book ‘Owning a Café or Coffee Shop’ is to allow those in the industry to be fully aware on ways in which to obtain ongoing prosperity triggering thoughts and ideas that can continually evolve. Unfortunately, many obvious or common-sense actions are so often overlooked, these are discussed along with venturing much deeper into critical aspects required for genuine success.

The goal being to create environments where customers themselves are the true and ultimate winners…

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