From Ruins to a Paradise

I have been so grateful on my journey in becoming an author to experience little hideaways often in rural areas of WA. A small farming property east of Perth was no exception. My initial time was spent in the surrounds of a 160-year-old ruined homestead which as I continued to revisit was transformed into what is now a magnificent Hampton mansion incorporating the original mudbrick home.

It is often said that inspiration in writing a book can come from unexpected circles and in many ways seeing someone’s passion in bringing back to life a derelict but historical building and create a great and impressive structure with amazing grounds was no exception. Enter Mark and Natalee Bowen, two superpower entrepreneurs behind this breathtaking vision. Justifiably they have established a property which is now fast becoming the ideal getaway for corporate events, stays and weddings.

It is no accident that relief from the fast pace of city life can be great for the mind and spirit, so I genuinely thank the Bowens for the privilege of allowing me in the peace and tranquillity of their property to ponder over my many thoughts, ideas, and research notes. Being able to relax in their amazing pool complex during the heat of summer just prior to completing my book ‘Owning a Café or Coffee Shop’ was certainly icing on the cake, although probably scary for the abundant array of native birdlife looking down on me at the time.

I urge not only budding writers but anyone needing an escape from the real world to consider travelling to rural communities. The experience can often be life changing.

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