Owning a Café or Coffee Shop

Those simple words can become a dream or a nightmare.

The many who venture down the path of owning a hospitality business will do so with no thoughts of failure. Although a mindset of that nature is an unwritten requirement, the fact remains that many will find the path to success a difficult one to navigate.

The hospitality industry can be a wonderful, rewarding even exciting industry to be involved in but one must enter it with eyes wide open and undertake months if not years of due diligence. Research for my bookOwning a Café or Coffee Shop’ took in excess of 30 years to compile yet to this day the industry is still evolving, and as a result one must continually be in tune to such variations and be prepared to be flexible when operating a hospitality business.

As a potential owner never fear asking questions to past and present participants. Learn and absorb as much information as possible. The need for knowledge will bear fruit particularly as one begins to understand and address the complexities of the industry. I urge owners to take a step away from their own businesses at various times and experience what other businesses offer. Sometimes this simple practice besides giving one a well-deserved break can allow the mind to notice details that may be positively utilized within their own operation.  

A deep-seeded passion to allow one’s vision to become reality is an obvious requirement but this must be pursued with great enthusiasm and vigour and wait for it, longevity. Without question operate with integrity and endeavour to show respect to staff and customers every day with no exceptions. By doing so people will be attracted to your business and this includes suppliers.

 … (My prayers and thoughts are with those who through no fault of their own, have or are being affected by covid-19. May your nightmare end soon).

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