What a difference one little word can make in business. 

So often those who own or have positions of influence in business, whether in a small little local shop through to the big corporations, base decisions and operational practises purely on the notion that if it benefits their own personal needs, in particular their financial advancement then they will implement them.

Sound decisions are a must if a business is to follow a path towards success, but never should they be at the expense of genuine, loyal, and hard-working staff…

The reality however is that all too often owners or indeed their managers treat staff as though they are second rate citizens. This unfortunately can mentally and financially impact a person in which it may often take years to recover. If only businesses today can constantly operate with integrity and respect, doing what is right and honourable.

Luckily there are regulations in place that limit bad practises but unfortunately there are some businesses who flout these rules and they should be called out.           

What a difference it is to visit a café or coffee shop where you see staff and owners operating as one,  it is though you can see it on their faces, let alone in the way they offer happy, up-beat,  genuine and first class service. I congratulate those who operate in this way and hope you achieve the success you deserve together with your hard-working staff, for without them often a business would have little or no chance of reaching desired financial goals.

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