Hidden Specialty Coffee

Wow! This café is an amazing little jewel almost hidden from the real world, set in the back streets of Kelmscott, WA. It is the last place a person looking for the perfect coffee and treats would expect to find such a worthy café.  Like finding gold, this creation has not happened by chance.

The following is the real story. Imagine a shy, timid, and quite teenager that once preferred to hide in a corner than be open to conversing with strangers. Enter Perth’s youngest and upcoming little entrepreneur, Suzie Edward. Like a Disney fairy-tale this young girl at only 19 years old saw an opening where she visualized a rundown, cold and unattractive café could become a vocal point of the community where quality service, food and coffee would become the order of the day.

Fast forward a couple of years and now this café is fulfilling her dreams and vision. This young girl now attracts happy and confident staff whose aim is to make a customer’s experience the very best possible. The coffee served is worth travelling a long, long way, combine that with home cooked foods and bingo, this café is a cut above while still retaining a warmth and lay back atmosphere.

Hidden is now open seven days a week and caters for the early risers by opening at 6.30 am on weekdays. Suzie is a fine example of young people who dare to dream for when they realise that anything is possible in life sometimes all it takes is to give it a go and before long with hard work, the opportunity to better oneself is there for the taking.

 Hidden Specialty Coffee can be found   21 Page Rd Kelmscott, WA, 6111

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