The Blame Game.

Often when café or coffee shops owners find that their sales have dropped away, they will use the all too familiar defence that there are just too many similar businesses in the area. If I was to pamper to their emotions, I could say Yes! that is so true.

There is a reality however that owners can’t escape from: one cannot simply stand still in business and whinge, complain and continue to make excuses. One’s mindset must be to take a deep breathe and begin actions to firstly stabilise the business followed by a genuine and concerted effort to improve areas that require attention.

To simply blame competitors for poor sales or lack of customers is to be honest a cop-out. This is one of the greatest misconceptions that confronts owners today as many have an entrenched mindset that a successful business in hospitality must have the prerequisite of little or no opposition or competitors nearby. This in theory has merit but if the business is structured to be a standout or significantly better than any opposition, then the issue of having competitors close by will not be a problem.

In fact, the presence of competitors will bring customers to the area. In many cases these competitors have spent a great deal of their own money in the various forms of marketing or advertising to entice customers to the vicinity. They without question then can become ripe for the picking. The proviso here is that to take advantage of the situation a business must be fundamentally so much better than its competitors, having perfected all the requirements to be extraordinary, thus resulting in customers bypassing these competitors.

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