A customer’s mind is a great resource.

                                                    It must be understood.

Owners of café or coffee shops should never dismiss the power visual illusions can have on a customer’s mindset, in fact the volume of food or drink a customer consumes can be directly related to their initial response on seeing those items. If impressed sufficiently, the customers mind will constantly be reminded of the food they see, often triggering thoughts of further purchases.

For example: at any given time, there is nothing more appealing to the human eye than a great selection of freshly and beautifully prepared, mouth-watering cakes or bagels, etc, that can positively appeal to a cross section of profile groups.

The opposite effect may occur where products or menu items on display are poor, unattractive, or untidy. Having no display at all is unforgiveable. Out of sight means out of mind and owners must understand that this by default will result in a corresponding lack of sales.

Great products or menu displays that look enticing, appetising, and interesting will always create illusions in one’s mind full of positive thoughts and notions. Customers taste with their eyes. The more customers think about a product that is featured in a great display the more likely they will be enticed to purchase that item. In these circumstances, impulse eating can become a factor as customers tend to eat volumes based on positive visual illusions.

Increased sales, leading to the goal of increased profits will be the consequence for owners who can specifically identify the role visual illusions have on customers mindsets. The proviso, however, is that to take advantage of this realisation, owners must immediately undertake the appropriate actions that they deem necessary. ‘Owning a Café or Coffee Shop’ delves deeper into these actions…….

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