Stress is still occurring for café owners!

Although this is a scenario customers would probably never notice.

As a society we always tend to expect the very best when visiting a café or coffee shop and with all things being equal that should be a given. But one should spare a thought for owners of hospitality businesses including their staff, for as the extremes of covid are easing the stress levels for those operating hospitality business are far from dwindling.

An obvious and almighty strain for owners is having available daily enough healthy staff to cover shifts, but the pressures simply do not stop there because almost as critical is not over burdening the remaining staff members by having them burn out due to working excessive hours.

Owners also have the burden of profit levels waning as they try to absorb where possible price increases for items such as coffee, milk not to mention food ingredients, power costs and the gutter punch of rents, mortgages and other outgoings increasing such as rates etc.

The reality of owning a café or coffee shop is not all gloom and doom but one must understand most operators are endeavouring to do their very best in the current environment. So maybe when one gets frustrated by slow service or increased prices maybe cut some slack for these people as they for the most part are desperately trying to earn enough to provide for their own family while giving job security to their staff.

Remember there will always be some businesses that are certainly not up to the challenge of being great operators, just bypass these businesses and visit venues that deserve your hard earnt money.

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