An Impressive operation

Such true words for one of WA’s premier coffee roasters. When one walks through the doors of Darkstar Coffee Roasters it is easy to see how the scope of this operation is admired by so many in the industry while to countless others, their envy.

Clean, fresh, spacious with a unique line of sight from front to back allows all and sundry to glimpse the sheer size of this establishment on entering. With a broad spectrum of coffee related options available it is little wonder that this enterprise continues to lead the way within the industry.

A modern café is the first thing that greets customers at Darkstar. There is an area set aside showcasing their assortment of roasted coffee, both blends and single origins, coffee machines and grinders not to mention a vast array of coffee related implements ideal for the home or office. Commercial options are also on display catering for the needs of hospitality venues.

Boasting quiet areas for those enjoying the offerings of the café, a designated meeting room, a barista training facility, the creme de la crème is a modern fully automatic large scale roasting facility which includes warehousing space for the storage of literally tons of coffee.

Like most successful businesses, the degree of success is often attributed the quality and professionalism of both owners and staff alike and Darkstar is no exception. With decades of experience, it is little wonder that people are drawn to this business for advice, guidance and support which is crucial to the success of participants within the hospitality sector.

Darkstar Coffee Roasters are located at 104 Frobisher St, Osbourne Park WA 6107 Café hours; Mon-Fri 6.30am-2.30pm Sat 8.30-12pm. Office open to 4pm Mon-Fri.

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