In the middle of nowhere, but!

One of the WA’s newest coffee roastery’s has set up camp literally miles from anywhere yet within a whisker of dozens of wheatbelt towns all craving to have quality, freshly roasted coffee at their disposal.

Enter 1905 Coffee Roasters the brainchild of Matt Copper himself a master at his game having learnt his trade from a significant Perth roasting house.

Situated inside the revamped and classy Williams Woolshed, masterminded by local farmer’s Ryan & Sara Duff & Simon and Kim Naylor. One’s first reaction on seeing this setup is that it would fit in perfectly at any major metropolitan venue.

Amongst other amazing offerings a mega café has been created with seating for upwards of 150 eager customers both inside and out. A commercial kitchen churns out sensational food and when combined with coffee from 1905 it is somewhat surprising that a roadblock has not been erected outside diverting all and sundry to pass through the doors of this establishment, testament to how impressive this set up is.

Ably supported by his wife Rachael, herself a country girl, these two have a passion for producing quality coffee and both have a desire to build long lasting community relationships thereby creating something truly special for the region.

Matt and Rachael have recognised that there is an opening in the market to provide a great coffee experience in other rural towns, reversing a trend to what previously was only poor if not negligible exposure. 1905’s goal is to help facilitate cafes even roastery/cafes far and wide thereby bringing the city to the country with service, support, training, and a sense of community available to all and sundry.

1905 is in Williams Woolshed, 101 Albany Hwy Williams WA 6391 Mon-Fri 8am-4pm There is even a drive though 7days 6.30am-2pm

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