A Café-Bookshop that is bucking the odds.

So often in the world of hospitality visionary owners have tried to combine the expectations of a café with the advantages of what a book shop can offer… unfortunately this combination while it may sound like a good idea inevitably fails to deliver.

Thankfully ‘The Bodhi Tree’ has succeeded where others have not. This amazing business is like travelling oh so subtly into a world of serenity and peace where customers if only for a short time can escape from the rigours and pressures of the real world. Uniquely this café-bookshop have staff trained to show a level of empathy for those that grace this business with their presence. 

The ambience is almost surreal. There is soft soothing music, carpet on the floor yes carpet, spacious areas allowing the elderly, those with special needs and parents with prams to have easy access between tables and yet there is much more.

 The selection of books are not your normal best selling fiction novels but books that may inspire wisdom, mental and physical wellbeing, and spiritual awareness. In other words, these books have a soul.

 The Bodhi Tree has a selection of cards and gifts which tick all the boxes for those who are dealing with grief right through to those celebrating or remembering a special occasion.

To see the broad spectrum of customers sitting enjoying this establishment it is easy to understand that this indeed is a special place. It is credit to the vision and hard work of owner Jennifer that the perfect blend of catering for one’s body mind and soul together with satisfying one’s own tastebuds has been cleverly and lovingly mastered.

The Bodhi Tree is situated at 1/416-418 Oxford St, Mt Hawthorn WA 6016 7days 8am-4pm

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