Isaacs Coffee Shop.

                                                     The very best.

              It’s true, Rockingham has a shop where you can enjoy the most amazing and perfect coffee.

Enter Isaac and Missie Naniseni, the Kiwis who have called Perth home, except possibly when the All Blacks are playing… they are the most down to earth couple one could ever meet and customers who come to their quaint little shop will be served up a treat. Home cooked cakes are the order of the day, but it is the coffee offered that will match the very best around Australia…  a huge statement for such a new addition to the café scene in WA.

 Isaac was blessed by teaming up with Purri of Frothin Coffee Roasters from Mandurah. Together they sought to produce a product that was worthy for the most critical and avid coffee drinkers.

From the moment you walk through the doors at Isaacs you are greeted with welcoming smiles but be aware these guys will remember your name each time, so never be on Australia’s Most Wanted. I jest but that’s how they operate, you become almost part of their family, hence your order will be treated with the love and care each and every time.

 Currently Isaacs Coffee Shop opens from Monday to Friday but soon due their popularity they hope to open Saturdays. They can be found at 12 Robinson Rd, Rockingham WA, 6168

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