Social Manna

Now this is a special café, that is run by a special person…

There is nothing about this café that doesn’t impress, I refer Victoria Parks own ‘Social Manna’. However, no standout hospitality business can rise from an empty shell without someone with vision and unabashed passion… Enter one of Perth’s most approachable owners, Sandro Puca. In many ways Sandro was born to own his own business. With over twenty years in the industry including many as a top line chef Sandro has developed a philosophy that is quite simple: if you harbour a nurturing and learning environment, treat people with compassion and respect, deliver on promises, lead by example, not only will staff be attracted to the business but so will customers, for as a famous Hollywood film suggested, ‘build it and they will come’.

Even the name selected by Sandro, ‘Social Manna’ bore its roots from an almost deep and spiritual place. The word play on social, well that speaks for itself, but manna is brilliant; a sudden and unexpected source of pleasure or gain, the exact goal Sandro has for his customers. The friendliness of the staff is evident as soon as one enters this establishment, the ambience is comforting and welcoming and the offerings, well they are second to none.

Great coffee goes without saying enhanced by baristas who know their craft and a fully-fledged kitchen producing an amazing assortment of food, speaks for itself. There is both inside and outside seating to cater for the vast array of customers wishing to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful café, not to mention the ability to keep man’s best friend happy as one watches the world go by. Social Manna is located at 253 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park WA 6100.

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