Customer Profile Groups

The necessity for customers is one thing,

            to understand their individual needs and expectations is another.

Owners and staff alike must constantly be in sync to meet the expectations of the various profile groups that exist in the community. The ongoing success of any café or coffee shop depends on this. The factors which are specific to each profile group must be determined down to the finest detail.

Once this is established one must become fiercely resolute and passionate with endeavours to create an environment where the multitude of customer profile groups will not only be satisfied but ‘hooked on’ what the business has to offer.

Owners must never bundle up all customers into what can be described as one generic profile group. It is imperative also to be constantly in tune and vigilant in never underestimating or becoming complacent in understanding how customers requirements may change over time.

 In ‘Owning a Café or Coffee Shop’ I endeavour to explore the various wants and needs of various customer groups. One group close to my heart is that of the older generation. These wonderful people can be a great contributor to any hospitality businesses bottom line. They, if sufficiently looked after will become loyal and long-term customers bringing others with them, often this will include their children or grandchildren.

This profile group must be treated with the dignity older people deserve. Staff must be polite, be patient, speak clearly and above all they must show respect.  When engaging in conversation staff should face and speak directly to them. Customers in this age bracket will appreciate staff interaction particularly if they remember their names, their preferred drinks and food preferences.

Understanding all profile groups and delivering on their expectations is but one of the many pathways that will contribute to the success of a café or coffee shop.

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