The lifeblood of a Café or Coffee Shop

Never has the reliance of customers been so forcibly etched into the minds of hospitality business owners than as it is today amidst these crazy times the world now finds itself in.

The ability for a café or coffee shop to attract sufficient customers has always been the barometer for which owners rate success, but given that the world is now forever changed due to Covid 19, the quest for businesses to rise from the dark depths of possible closure and attract and retain customers is paramount.

As the heading above suggests, customers are undoubtedly the lifeblood of a café or coffee shop. In fact, without them, not withstanding Covid 19, the prospect of humiliation, mental anguish, relationship breakdowns and even financial ruin is now the new norm faced by many.

Attracting customers may seem but an easy task for many aspiring owners. The reality however is that a customer first appearance in no way indicates a guaranteed pathway for them to return. In fact, this first exposure if the customer is not sufficiently impressed may be a cause for them to never return, furthermore they may even post a scathing review online limiting the chances of many other potential customers arriving.

An obvious feature which stands out when operating a café or coffee shop is the inherent need to increase sales continuously. There are various ways to accomplish such a feat however attracting new customers and putting efforts into satisfying them in such a positive way that they will be willing to return more often is often the starting point.

What owners must also consider is the subconscious mindset of customer’s particularly as they evaluate the positives or negatives behind their experience. It is critical that owners are firstly aware that these mindsets do exist and secondly, they must have a clear understanding on the ramification’s emotions will subsequently play in determining a customer’s continued willingness to patronise a café or coffee shop.

Furthermore, one must develop an ability to focus on leaving no stone unturned to achieve levels of perfection within all aspects of their business to satisfy a customer each time they visit. Never assume that a customer will appreciate all that a café or coffee shop has to offer. How often has one been to a business, enjoyed all it has to offer, including great service, great food, great coffee, great ambience only to visit the rest room to find them smelly and dirty. When they leave, the negative mindset of the restroom experience will often be a reason to never return.

So, owners understand and focus on customers’ needs and expectations constantly, in doing so the chances of success will be a justified reward. 

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