The Man Behind the Cover Photo

Well the answer that question is Matthew Crosby. Even before he has reached the ripe old age of 30, Matt has a somehow squeezed a lifetimes worth of not only adventures but work experiences, somehow always falling back on his only true love (other than his girlfriend), that of photography.

Put simply, he has like all true artists, been gifted with an ability to obtain the soul of what he sees through a lens. In many ways he is unconventional, but then again to be a leader in his field, one often must have some characteristics that at times will defy traditional wisdom. The cover photo of the book ‘Owning a Café or Coffee Shop’ is testament to this statement.

In fact, Matt has been able to obtain a unique ability of delivering wonderful shots while working for over ten years as a barista in the hospitality industry, which by the way has taken him the length and breadth of Australia. Combine this with his venture into music, even bar-tendering at one stage, it has allowed a subtle insight into an industry that can be as diverse as the seasons itself. Whether in colour or black and white, his shots certainly showcase his talent.

As is often the case, Matthew’s love has not come easy, for he was unable to afford a camera of his own in those early years. Thankfully however, his first camera was basically given to him by a mate, but that small act of kindness did sow the seed for an exciting future as a photographer. After countless family holidays where he was assigned the task of taking snaps, Matt has earnt the right to venture down the path that is now the subject of his passion, taking shots involving the hospitality industry.

One of Mathew most memorable quotes is that he will never compromise an individual’s personal vision for what they wish to obtain from a particular shot. In other words, he listens to his clients. Matthew success is only beginning, however for those who come on board wishing for his services, they will not be disappointed.

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Matt in his glory

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