Is it true many people suck at running a cafe or coffee shop?

Without doubt the question above probably never gets said out loud but unfortunately it is one of the harsh realities facing many participants involved in the hospitality industry.

The cold hard truth is that many in fact simply do suck or in more politically correct terms, are just not cut out to appreciate and then master the vast array of complexities that are inherently embedded in such a cut-throat and competitive industry. Regrettably their fate often results in humiliation, mental anguish, relationship failures and ultimately for many, financial ruin.

Not for a moment does this mean that in any way they are a less of a person than the next, are horrible, lazy or don’t try their hardest to succeed. In fact, many will give much more than simply their sweat and tears to be successful.

Unfortunately, many buddying owners fail to realise the scope and scale of the venture they have embarked on.

For those striving to be genuinely successful where thoughts and ideas have been meticulously researched, studied, and refined giving ways to answers so desperately sought-after culminating in understanding what the industry imposes on owners, staff and customers alike, then consider reading my book.

Cheers Mark.

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