In the doghouse

Well not exactly. In fact, south of Perth’s newest café is would you believe named after its owner’s golden retriever dog. Enter Bru’s House, the best thing to happen to the coastal township of Golden Bay in years.

Once the locals of the area had to travel miles simply to enjoy a decent cup of coffee let alone amazing food that is now prepared in this cafe’s large commercial kitchen. This town seemed to be destined to be trapped in the previous century until the vision and passion of born and bred local Kelly Grant decided to make a change that now satisfies the tastebuds of customers from far and wide.

Boasting 13 revolving staff a genuine old school sense of community has been created giving life back to this sleepy part of Perth. A bright funky yet relaxing and cosy facility greets all who now find their way to this establishment.

With coffee supplied by Mandurah’s leading Coffee Roastery, Frothin Coffee it is no wonder this café is on a path to sustained success as they believe firmly in producing quality food and drinks together with the delivery of phenomenal service.

It is never easy in the middle of these crazy times of Covid to start a new business in hospitality, so it is not only refreshing to see a young entrepreneur have the courage to do so but do it in a way that makes a genuine and positive difference to the local community.

The future is bright for Bru’s House Café and soon their pizza oven will become operational adding a new dimension to this café.

Bru’s House can be found at 19 Dampier Drive, Golden Bay WA 6174 Mon-Fri 6am-2pm Sat-Sun 7am-2pm

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