The world we live in

Since the launch of my book ‘Owning a Café or Coffee Shop’ within the hospitality sector I have had the privilege to sit down with numerous business owners and have open one on one discussions on a vast array of topics, in particular the story of their journey.

For many they speak of the sacrifices they have endured and the stresses that often become entrenched in their everyday life. There is the vision they may have for their businesses going forward and what is often mentioned and is a common theme, it is the people around them over time become like family and without their support the chances of continued success would indeed be considerably harder.

Often the public see only the fruits of an owner’s efforts and personally I am very thankful to be able to write positive upbeat stories on these and other upcoming businesses.

Many see bustling businesses but often what they fail to realise is that hospitality while it can be an immensely rewarding, behind the scenes it can be an industry filled with immense challenges that can break the hearts, mind, and soul of many an owner, not to mention the big three, relationship, financial and the hidden curse, mental health issues that for some will slowly fester in the background.

On behave of all owners in hospitality, thank you all who grace these businesses with your presence. It is indeed appreciated not only from the owners themselves but from the staff who rely on the workplace for their income and security so they themselves can have normality in their own daily lives.

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