The Panamanian Connection

There are quite literally 100 plus coffee roasters in Western Australia but very few owners if any can claim they source green beans from farmers they grew up with.

Well Panama native, Jose Castillo is doing just that. Combine this Panamanian link with business partner Paul Varricchio’s Italian heritage and staff members who reign from regions far and wide, this amazing roastery could be renamed the United Nations Coffee company.

With a strong coffee heritage entrenched in their blood Jose and Paul eight years brainstormed ideas and concluded that a gap in the market could be plugged by bringing quality coffee beans to Australia. This supply would be sourced directly from hard working family micro plots scattered throughout the temperate regions of Panama. And so Fiebre Coffee Roasters was created.

This concept has now become a reality directly benefiting Panamanian farmers in the process. Local coffee roasters are also winners as green beans are available for purchase. Jose connections have now allowed him to source some of the world’s finest Geisha natural coffees and wow! these are unbelievable. Cafes and the home or office coffee lover will certainly be impressed with the offerings of this roastery.

 But there is more, Fiebre is now importing and roasting organic direct cacao beans, also sourced from Panama. Add to this a café within its roasting warehouse and bingo these guys are making a difference.

 As with most successful businesses the support and encouragement of love ones is paramount, Jose and Paul have partners Sally and Sabina to thank in allowing their vision for Fiebre Coffee to materialise.

Fiebre Coffee can be found at 2/21 Trade Rd Malaga, WA 6090. Mon-Fri 6.30am-1pm, Sat 8am-12pm

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