Turning heads big time!

No, it’s not a beautiful supermodel but the newest and most advanced boutique café to open in the west. Specialising in espresso extraction and called Nu Noir this Mt Hawthorn establishment is pushing boundaries and opening doors to a coffee experience reaching levels not seen before.

The brains trust behind this operation is a collaboration of three amazing coffee specialists which includes original founder of Fremantle’s Coffee Warehouse Alessandro Carciotto, WA’s most up and coming coffee aficionado’s Hanna Goetschin and former top line barista judge and technically perfect boutique coffee roaster affectionally known as the ghost. A fact not lost on his almost supernatural powers with the roasts he churns out, initially finessed utilizing his $14k, 100g sample roaster.

 This facility will push the boundaries of conventional coffee shops and become a university for coffee lovers where one can even suggest their favourite flavour profile and then instantly a blend can be concocted to meet that preference.

 Nu Noir will become the mecca for those wishing to be transcended into another dimension, in fact this boutique café will be known as the mother load for all wishing to be mesmerised into what can be produced from amazing high scored coffee beans using state of the art grinders and brewing implements.

 Most top line roasters if they have sourced quality green beans can usually produce a great product. However, it is the human element behind the process from bean to cup that often determines the ultimate outcome, and this is where Nu Noir excels. These guys are the Rhodes scholars of coffee extraction producing remarkable and often not seen levels of quality. Those wishing to purchase roasted beans for either their business, home or office can do so by contacting Nu Noir or 2Keys Coffee Roasters.  

They can be found at 377 Oxford St Mt Hawthorn WA 6016. Mon-Thurs 6.30am-5pm, Fri-Sat 6.30am-9.30pm

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