A touch of class!

An understatement for the hugely successful café named Cheeky Boy Espresso. Like most successful businesses in hospitality reaching the pinnacle is not simply based on uncompromising hard work and sacrifice but the desire to bring something truly special to the community. 

This establishment is the brainchild of Anna Watts, a rock star of the industry. Supported by her amazing and gifted daughter Nadia Bosco together with up to 15 dedicated staff they are renowned for constantly satisfying customers from far and wide.

Cheeky Boy’s small commercial kitchen can produce creations that would make high class restaurants envious, and the service delivered is constantly above what is considered the industry norm, making this venue a place to visit.

The uniqueness created here is like stepping back in time where Sicily has come to the suburbs. Complimenting the seating inside is an outside area resembling a small European Piazza and such is the popularity of this business that tables and chairs should probably stretch a km down the street if council permitted it.

 There is a rich Sicilian influence behind Cheeky Boy, even the ingredients used by their top line chefs include home-made sauces, jams etc allowing menu items to be created that will satisfy even the fussiest of tastebuds.

It must be noted that with the quality and quantity of the food produced it is somewhat surprising that Nadia’s husband Anthony is not a happy 50 kg overweight man instead of being as fit as a fiddle.

This vibrant yet comfortable business caters for all ages. An exciting addition to its offerings is what can only be described as take away picnic baskets, more aptly known as menu tasting boxes where customers can pre-order to enjoy at home or in the office.

Cheek Boy Espresso can be found at 31 Ardross St, Applecross WA 6153 Tues- Sun 6.30am-3pm.

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