Venn a four-letter word that is worth uttering  

Add the word coffee and bingo you have an amazing establishment that is fast becoming the soul of WA’s East Vic Park. A huge compliment yet a worthy accolade.

Enter owners and founders Matt and Ash Kenworthy. Built on the back of what was once a small yet busy café these two have now redefined what can be achieved with a great vision and a deep seeded passion.

 At Venn Coffee amazing staff eagerly combine warm welcomes with great service, yet it is top-notch coffees that constantly evoke satisfaction on their customers. Not to mention an amazing selection of mouth-watering bagels, snacks and up to 16 single origin or coffee blends available for the home and office market.

If one is unsure of what may suit their coffee tastes advice or guidance that can be easily understood is now a feature of Venn. It is not surprising therefore that Venn can now boast a turnover of more than 300kg of coffee weekly through their café together with Little Venn situated across the road catering seven days a week for those on the go or in a rush.

Matt and Ash are a down to earth family orientated couple who quite frankly have built this business on building relationships and community. Thankfully they have also considered in their floorplan sufficient space that allows mums and bubs, the elderly and those that may have disabilities to have ample room to move or be seated in comfort.

What is exciting about Venn is that future new sites are on the cards allowing others to enjoy their unique style in suburbs around Perth.

Venn Coffee is situated at 965 Albany Hwy East Vic Park, WA 6101 Mon-Fri 5.30am-3pm and Sat/Sun 6.30am-2pm

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