Striving for continued excellence

So many owners in hospitality on achieving success tend to rest on their laurels and cease to refine and improve their business. Not so for the amazing couple behind Bayside Barista. One would think after receiving award after award Andrew and Kalina would simply sit back and enjoy social games of tennis and long romantic walks on the beach, not so.

If anything, five years of success has only ignited their passion and vision for their café. Two new top line chefs, Sam and Ralph have now joined their ranks bringing with them a  soon to be released new and outstanding menu. Combine the quality of food and coffee with a renewed emphasis on service and bingo this establishment will not be left wanting.

Like so many businesses the covid journey has been challenging on staff, on customers and on owners alike. No doubt Andrew and Kalina have spent many sleepless nights pondering on ways to fulfil in the case of their staff job security and for their many thankful customers a place where they can come to relax, socialise, and hopefully forget the troubles of the world.

Bayside Barista is the real deal. The quest for improvement has never been forgotten and with the mindset to benchmark a level of excellence that is second to none, the future of this humble café is all but guaranteed.

 With a foundation built on wonderful chefs and their hard-working kitchen helpers, together with baristas and floor staff that wish to showcase their wares, it is not surprising customers are returning repeatedly.

 Bayside Barista is located at 10/62 Penguin Rd, Safety Bay WA 6169 Mon-Fri 6am-2.30pm Sat/Sun 6.30am-2.30pm

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