The price of that cup of coffee!

In many circumstances owners simply go with the flow and match a competitor’s price on coffee. There is often a reluctance of setting a higher price due to a perceived customer backlash.

From a customer’s perspective multiple considerations come into play when determining their willingness to purchase a coffee. Some are happy to receive their caffeine fix at the lowest price possible and for that the quality of the bean in diplomatic terms is usually at the lower end of the scale. Many others will wish to savour and enjoy coffee from superior beans.

The quality and price of a cup of coffee is often dependant on several factors. These may include a coffee bean’s variety, country of origin, availability, logistical aspects, etc including the obvious, expertise of roasters and ability of baristas themselves to extract and pour the perfect cup.

If an establishment sources the best roasted coffee, with scores around 90.00, (an analogy would be students achieving high distinctions) prices in the region of $6, $10, and upwards of $25 for an espresso, piccolo etc would not be out of the question. Most however will not be prepared to cough up that type of money but wow! those that are, it is a journey worth undertaking.

Hospitality is a tough gig at the best of times, but satisfactory profits will be hindered if owners are not brave with pricing. Customers can be a forgiving lot if prices do creep up, but it is incumbent on owners to relay circumstances that may lead to any increase. Never take customers for fools either, if the quality of coffee on offer is unremarkable then asking a higher price for a cup is a recipe for disaster.

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