Reviewers online… most think they are experts.

An infamous person once gave me some great advice: If you don’t have something good to say then don’t say anything.

How often do so called experts spruik all over social media negative or condescending comments about a meal, coffee, etc they may have recently encountered.

Only a fool would deny that there are establishments that are quite frankly shocking or unworthy of a return visit. Most however are owned and operated by hardworking, caring people, they often have families and daily they give their heart and soul to satisfy all who grace their businesses with their presence.

 These faceless people who for the most part have never invested a single dollar of their own in business, have never obtained a culinary degree, or simply have endured a bad day, post negative and hurtful comments on-line because their expectations as to what is good or bad (which by the way is not a crime) are presumably not met.

Most owners are lovely people and in the age of social media reviews that are intended to shame them or put them down can contribute to mental anguish and in some extreme circumstances can be the death knell of a business.

 Owners if you do receive a negative review, certainly don’t dismiss a comment out of hand particularly if there may be an element of truth as to where improvements can be made, just quickly adjust accordingly, and don’t take it to heart or lose sleep over it, just strive to be perfect in every way, creating an environment where customers are the true winners.

By the way, that infamous person was my recently departed mum…

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