Bolt Coffee Roasters

Wow! The story of Bolt Coffee is based on a dream to create something unique and special. Its seed literally sprouted inside a small little farm shed. Now a large warehouse in the industrial heart of Bayswater, WA is the scene for an amazing man to perform his coffee roasting magic.

Enter founder and operator Steve Lomax. This gentle giant has taken a great vision and a deep passion to now create a boutique coffee roasting enterprise which is going from strength to strength. With seven dedicated and loyal staff and a loving wife who he proudly claims to be his rock, this former front man of large coffee company has his sights set on making a profound difference in the Perth hospitality scene by combining his roasting operation with small, family friendly boutique cafes.

One only needs to visit his Midland location, set in a large area behind Rivers clothing. What you will find is something out there, one could say even earthy, but that’s what Steve wants, for its a café that is a mish mash of recycled wares ending in an establishment where everyone can chill out and enjoy his wonderful coffees and treats.

This man mountain is really like a big pussy cat who has a loyal and ever increasing following. They understand, respect, and embrace not only the quality of his coffee but they also enjoy and appreciate an environment where smiles and relaxation are the order of the day. Throw in days of live music, and bingo, this is a place to go.

Soon Steve’s roasting warehouse will allow opportunities to taste various blends of coffee and a chance for customers to purchase fresh roasted coffee for consumption at home or in the office. Bolt Coffee is unconventional, and it is a must to check out their home-made, special batch, eight kilo barrel roaster that has been delivering the perfect roast now for years.

The Bolt Café is situated at 338B Great Eastern Hwy, Midland, WA 6056 with the Roasting warehouse at Unit 5/ 13 James St, Bayswater, WA 6053.

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