A Great Concept

Introducing Aussie Coffee Roasters and its owner and founder Michael Feleke. Originally from Ethiopia the birthplace of coffee, this former mining engineer vision is quite simple; he intends to connect African coffee farmers to his ever-increasing customer base broadening this association to include other farmers throughout the coffee bean belt of the world.

 Coffee and its origins are often glossed over when beans are purchased. As a result, this forward thinking roastery will educate and tell stories indicating the beans various qualities and tastes that are so often determined by such factors such as topography, climate, how they are processed, whether by wet, honey or natural method, and how they are roasted.

 The blends that Aussie Coffee Roasters are developing portray qualities often overlooked by other companies but with Ethiopian blood running deeply through his veins Michael will endeavour to broaden to all and sundry an enhanced knowledge the road his green beans take from farms to his roastery.   

His new warehouse offers a glimpse into how coffee is cupped, blended, and roasted and how one can become an accomplished barista. In short, Aussie Coffee Roasters are a one stop shop for all, particularly for those wishing to improve their skills and knowledge of the industry. It is also a place where the home or office coffee tragic can become familiar with the fundamentals of a coffee roasting operation.

A front of house café has now opened giving instant gratification for those wishing to savour amazing coffees and happy, smiley faced staff. Check out their logo, it is one of the best going around.

They can be found at 32-34 Vinnicombe Drive Canning Vale WA, 6155… Ph 0432 369 221

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