Watch this space

One Perth coffee roastery is set to become a major player in a city that seems to have roasters popping up everywhere. Enter Kaltiva Coffee Roasters and its owners and founders Lloyd Rainsford and Liam Valiukenas (try saying and spelling that name in a hurry).

If one is lucky enough to meet these guys it becomes apparent immediately their knowledge and experience as roasters is second to none. This impression is further enhanced after cupping their range of phenomenal and great tasting creations, leaving you with a genuine sense or impression that this roastery is here for the long term.

Throw in the mix a soon to be released loose leaf tea range that will leave many other competitors in their wake, it is evident exciting times are ahead for Kaltiva. Another factor benefiting current and prospective owners of café or coffee shops is the option of professional consultancy services, eliminating many of the pitfalls that so many in the industry are often faced with.

In a concerted effort that I am not responsible for any divorce proceedings, I must mention that the rock and stabilizing force behind Lloyd and Liam success are their two amazing, supportive, and hardworking wives, Teia and Shannon. Together these four are a credit to the industry and represent the future of quality boutique coffee roasting operations.

This small yet unique and dedicated team are fiercely determined and passionate about cultivating and nurturing relationships and to make a positive impact on the fortunes of their clients, little wonder this company is fast becoming the talk of the town.

Kaltiva Coffee Roasters are situated in Wangara, WA … Phone Lloyd on 0419 026 516 or Liam on 0414 293 008

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