I can’t speak for other writers although I am sure the same mentality would apply in the need for an unwavering belief in one’s own ability to produce words of such high distinction that ultimately will resonate with an infinite and wide-ranging number of readers.

 I mention a deep belief because the journey leading to a successfully commercial publication is often fraught with danger as a mindset of despondency often creeps in and clouds one’s enthusiasm and steadfast focus. All too often this minefield of self-doubt is influenced by others who seem to openly offer with great consistency, negative or unhelpful comments.

In processing years of research, the need for carefully formatted and articulated words to enhance and accommodate my style of writing was always a priority. I always endeavoured to place myself in the shoes of the reader and if I felt the impact of my words were not eye-opening or informative, I would revisit and alter my writings.

I have indeed been blessed that my book ‘Owning a Café or Coffee Shop’ has been received so well by keen readers and participants of the hospitality industry, including coffee roasting houses and cafes owners.  

The stresses endured on more than just few occasions are now just a distant memory, but self-belief was the key factor in enabling me to thankfully push through the times when the end seemed all but a distant dream.

I urge all to believe not only in your own capabilities but refrain from being influenced by detractors or the inner demons that may exist including kowtowing to the pressures of unrealistic or self-imposed deadlines. For some it is the journey and not always the destination that offers fulfilment.

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