Why are these years so meaningful?

 For those involved in the fiercely competitive world of hospitality it usually equates to continual years of relentless hard work, but for one coffee roaster these years represent multiple Australian International Coffee Awards and Golden Bean Australia Awards. This recognition for constantly producing amazing and world class coffee goes to Stash Artisan Roasters.

It is a name that should proudly be on the tongues of coffee lovers and if one is seeking an association with a great roaster then look no further. Nestled amongst the tall timbers and rolling valleys at award winning Singlefile Winery in the deep south of WA, it becomes a desperately hard decision whether to experience the exquisite tastes of the wines or walk away with bags of Stash’s amazing coffees.

The brainchild of Nina and Brad Bradshaw and complemented by a closely bonded team of like-minded staff, their accomplishments have not occurred simply by chance. Brad, an electronics engineer in a past life has turned his simple 15kg roaster into a custom machine that undoubtedly would make NASA engineers blush. The result of his ingenuity has allowed the quality of coffee produced to extend to the next level, hence the awards he and Nina have received.

Another feature of Stash is their humility, simplicity, and willingness to share their warmth and hospitality with all those who cross their path. Given the location of their operation it is no wonder they wake up each day with smiles on their faces which then thankfully extends to their growing base of coffee bean customers.

Stash Artisan Roasters can be found at Singlefile Winery, 90 Walter Rd Denmark, WA 6333 or by contacting   brad@stashcoffee.com.au   0422 751 851

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