You won’t believe this

In little old Armadale a coffee roastery is beginning to make some serious noises. Enter Sparks Coffee Roastery who after what seems only but a smidgeon of time in operation, have recently received some prestigious coffee roasting awards.

It is amazing what can be achieved with an uncompromised vision, passion, and a dedicated mindset, if one is serious about being successful. Thankfully Stephen Larsen, owner, and founder of this boutique roastery has those credentials in spades and his Golden Bean Roasting Awards are a testament to that.  

After purchasing a run of the mill café with drive through access, this little establishment is taking the availability of a great coffee to a whole new and exciting level in an area which traditionally has never been known for such high accolades. With twelve revolving staff, an amazing wife and two young children all pitching in to negotiate and please the tastes of coffee buffs from far and wide, Stephen is now broadening his horizons by providing coffee to an ever-increasing number of café and coffee shops throughout Perth.

The café is currently known as Bean Thru Café and is situated next to McDonald’s, so next time you are thinking of having a Macca’s, make a mistake and go through the wrong drive through and do yourself a favour and enjoy one of Bean Thru’s coffees or a treat made from their inhouse kitchen.

Sparks Coffee Roastery/Bean Thru Café is situated at 89b Jull St Armadale and is open each day.

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