If you are an owner of a café or coffee shop and can say genuinely that you have reached the level of success that has resulted in your hopes and dreams becoming a reality, stop right there and take stock. Firstly, it must be said, congratulations on this achievement but be aware of what so many others in the hospitality game unfortunately succumb too when reaching this point, the dreaded curse called complacency.

Often this is not intentional it just simply occurs over time. A she’ll be right attitude may set in when little things go wrong, like a day when one or two staff members might not turn up causing delays in orders or the usual amazing service. It could be the advent of a mindset justifying a reduction in sales due to changes in the weather, the onset of school holidays, etc, the list can go on and on.

It is imperative if thankfully a degree of success has indeed occurred that a continued focus is undertaken to constantly consolidate all the aspects of the business that has allowed any hard-fought achievements to materialize. In other words, never take the foot of the pedal. Always look to improve, adapt become innovative and never ever take your staff or customers for granted.

The hospitality business can be one of the most exciting, fulfilling, and profitable industries to be involved in, however the flipside can be a consequence if one gets it wrong resulting in relationship, financial and mental health worries. So, if a business is heading in the right direction always endeavour to have all fingers permanently on the pulse, refining any aspect that might need adjusting or improving and make complacency an issue that never raises its ugly head.

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