Hush, a name not to be forgotten

The sheer quality of the coffee pumped out of Hush Specialty Coffee each day leaves one in a quandary of why it is called Hush… In fact, how can one be silenced in not being extremely passionate about recommending this business to family and friends.

Owner and founder Dan Leppard should be very proud of becoming a genuine leader in such an extremely competitive industry. Together with his team of twelve staff, they constantly strive to meet the demands of all budding coffee enthusiasts who venture into Fremantle, not forgetting the local Notre Dame students, tourists an almost forgotten cohort now days and all who work and shop in the vicinity.

With a fully functioning kitchen, Hush’s chefs are forever creating great meals and snacks that include vegan and dairy free options all of which serve to compliment Dans ever increasing biceps which he unsuccessfully endeavours to hide under his short sleeve, skin-tight T-shirts.

But seriously Fremantle has been truly blessed since 2008 to have such a genuinely committed and highly rated establishment. In fact, Dan has succeeded in generating a great community for like-minded people over a long and sustained period, a rarity in hospitality, allowing the compelling argument for Hush to be rightly considered a modern-day icon of this Port city.

If one wishes to step up and savour the most amazing and satisfying coffee experience, ask for a ‘Magic’ a unique flat white that is simply the perfect ratio of milk to coffee.

Soon Dan with the support of his incredible wife Bek, herself a top line barista when not looking after their young family will be opening a new venue at Curtin University.

 Hush Specialty Coffee can be found at: 68 High St Fremantle 6160 open each day from 6.30am

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