A café with a view money could not buy

Every now and then throughout the world one finds a café that would simply leave them speechless, well in little old Perth, WA there is such a café, City View Café.

It would hardly be unusual for prices to be at a considerably inflated level when a location affords such a unique and breath-taking outlook, not so for this café. Apart from the fact that prices are comparable to other businesses within the industry, the quality and variety of the menu offerings will not disappoint. There is also a fully functioning kitchen able to cater for large numbers of customers at any given time enabling an opportunity for family and friends to gather on special occasions.

The popularity of this establishment has not occurred by chance, so enter Natalena Zaccaria and Krystle Valdez, the two top line mangers behind its success. Not only is their professionalism always on show, but their ability to relate and build a rapport with an ever-increasing number of loyal customers and staff is worthy of the highest of compliments. These two are the heart and soul of this café and are always doing their very best to make all who visit, walk away with satisfactory smiles on their faces.

City View Cafe is a must for all those wishing to experience a wow factor. With views of the Swan River, Perth City, and an ability to watch while enjoying a coffee or a meal the ever-changing landscape of walkers, joggers, cyclists, canoeists, and boating enthusiasts, this location is worthy of a visit.

 Located inside the gates at Optus Stadium opposite the Matagurup Bridge. Simply walk up the stairs or use the lifts. The result of this experience will have you coming back for more. It is open 7am -3pm each day.

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