How good are some but how bad are others?

The above question is so typical of the hospitality scene worldwide. Whether it relates to the quality of food or drink on offer, the standard of service, the ambience created or the often-lost art of delivering an exceptional experience for all who walk through the doors.

Many owners indeed do understand the expectations of customers and for that they often spend countless long and sleepless nights formulating thoughts and ideas in a passionate effort to create the perfect café or coffee shop in which they then hope can be replicated by their staff.

So often an owner who is blessed with a desire and vision to be the best of the best is limited or indeed restricted by the quality of the staff employed. It is a fundamental reason why the careful vetting of staff ultimately can dictate whether a business achieves and importantly maintains ongoing success. One unsatisfactory employee is often the difference between success and a business not reaching its full potential particularly if an owner is under the assumption that all is well. Sure, a business may not immediately feel the negative effects but over time the impact will eat away like a slow cancer.

In today’s world of covid, finding ideal staff can represent more than the usual challenge, however one must not compromise in seeking those that can reach and deliver constantly the required and expected standard. Often an older cohort of potential staff can be the answer during these and future times. Longevity of simple life experiences will often lead them to understand the expectations required both from an owner’s standpoint and importantly from a customer’s perspective.

Amazing staff are always paramount so maybe covid in a bizarre and unexpected way may lead to owners treating their employees with a renewed respect and appreciation thereby building loyalty that will be not only secure but long lasting.

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